Russian scientists developed by Turkish engineers found that "Paley's Method'' method Büşra'ya private EGEPOL Operator Hospital Doctor Mustafa Ayas gave life to a successful operation.
Center, heel spurs, and other disorders are widely used all over the world have started prp applications.
Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine) Our outpatient clinic 18:00 to 23:00 between the hours of service.
Sign language is treated
Dr. Erkan Donmez, hearing-impaired patients living in the healing of psychological problems dealing
A New Treatment Modality Rhinolight allergic rhinitis
The weather heats up in the spring, hay fever (allergic rhinitis) in the opening season. Growing plants blossom pollen and dust are a lot of people sick.
Miracle Healing
The miraculous healing of a paralyzed patient. Aynur who had a stroke three years ago, Erdogan was able to walk after an intense treatment.
Hearing Impaired
Has hospital interpreter for the Hearing Impaired.

Hospital for Special EGEPOL STAR Kayla Gray's baby born weighing 680 grams, the neonatal intensive care unit with incubators and won the struggle of life ...
Laser with hemorrhoids (piles) Treatment - A Method bloodless and without blades
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