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Special Interest for Person in EGEPOL

Egepol Healthcare Group was established in April 2009 with the mission of providing world-class quality healthcare services and becoming the first medical center comes to mind by leading the field. Egepol Hospitals are located in easily accessible and central locations in Izmir, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. Our hospitals are served to 2000 out patient a day in more than 35 branches with its experienced medical staff by offering all modern medical devices, currently operating two hospitals (Egepol hospital, Egepol Surgery Hospital) with a capacity of 225 beds, nine fully-equipped Operating Rooms, Newborn intensive care unit with a capacity of 48 incubators, Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit with 9 beds, Adult intensive care unit with 85 beds and other medical intervention units. Egepol Healthcare Group is a pioneer medical institution in İzmir and the Aegean region with its currently operating Intensive care units which has the largest bed capacity in its field. Third hospital “EGEPOL INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL” which is under construction will open its doors to patients in less than 3 months. While the capacity of the beds will be increased to the number of 325, 4 more Operation rooms will be added to our full-fledged operating theatres. The advanced biochemistry and microbiology laboratories are committed to promoting clinical trials to provide our patients with a better health service by improving treatment methods. Our patients become a member of our family. That's why Egepol is one of the most preferred destinations for international patients each year. We arrange consultations, travel planning, accommodation, translation and other relevant services for our patients 24/7. We will make regular follow-ups with our patients, and. No doubt that patients will feel at home in Egepol, Turkey. Scientific, rapid and high-quality surgical and other treatments are notably more budget-friendly than European countries and the USA.


Our vision; as an uncompromising follower of scientific developments and a pioneering organization in the use of modern technology as an advanced association and organization with a; modern, clean and spacious places, high quality standards, fast, safe, compassionate and affordable health services, our vision is to become the first “Branded Organization” comes to mind when it comes to Healthcare Providing, firstly across the Aegean Region and Turkey then all around the world with international studies.


Our mission is  to achieve the perfection and to ensure its continuity in a human-oriented health service approach by adhering to society and medical ethics.  

Our Core Values

•Comply with the principles of laws •Comply with the Quality Standards in Health •Fulfil the conditions of International Patient’s Safety •Stick to Principles of Medicine and Civilization •Accept the Human with its nature in entirety •Respect to Patient Rights •Maintaining the Physical and Mental Health •Ensuring the Support, Participation and Pleasure of our Employees •Providing Affordable Healthcare Services consistently •Ensuring to Make Continuous Improvement

Principles of Patient Rights
  • The Patient Rights Regulation;

    In the Official Gazette dated 01.08.1998 and numbered 23420; As stated in the Patient Rights Regulation; it has been prepared to organize the principles and procedures to demonstrate concretely the "patient rights", which are the reflection of fundamental human rights in the field of healthcare services, and to ensure that everyone can benefit from "patient rights" in all institutions and organizations where healthcare services are provided, and to be protected from violations of rights and, when necessary, use legal means of protection.

  • a) It is always taken into consideration

    at every stage of service that the right to live in a state of physical, spiritual, psychological and social well-being is the most fundamental human right.

  • b) Knowing that everyone has the right to life,

    to protect and develop their material and spiritual existence, and that no authority or no one has the authority to abolish this right, the patient is treated humanely.

  • c) In the provision of health services,

    the patients' race, language, religion and sect, gender, political opinion, philosophical belief, economic and social status and other differences cannot be taken into consideration. Health services are planned and organized in a way that everyone can easily access.

  • d) The bodily integrity and

    other personal rights of the patient cannot be touched without his consent, except for medical obligations and the cases highlighted in the laws.

  • e) The patient cannot be subjected

    to medical research without his consent and the permission of the Ministry.

  • f) The privacy of the patient's private life

    and family life cannot be touched, except for the cases permitted by law and medical requirements.

Patient Rights
  • Right to Benefit from Services

    Every individual applying to our hospital has the right to benefit (benefit) from all services aimed to promote healthy life, within the framework of the principles of Justice and Equity in accordance with the needs of Health Services and regardless of Language, Religion, Race or Sect.

  • Right to Request Information

    Patients applying to our institution; has the right to request information about how to benefit from health services and to request all kinds of information about the health status, orally or in writing.

  • Right for Informing

    The patient himself or his/her legal representative has the right to receive all information regarding medical interventions recommended by physicians,  potential risks or benefits of these interventions, alternative treatment methods and the process that will develop in the event of not receiving the treatment in a language and method which can be easily comprehended.

  • Right of Consent

    Patients applied to our Hospital themselves or their legal representatives have the right to get informed about all their health situations, the proposed medical treatments or interventions, along with their potential risks or benefits for each intervention. They have also the right to be informed about the expected consequences resulted from the untreated situations, in an easy method and language to be clearly understood.  

    Apart from medical and legal obligations, our patients have the right to decide on the treatment to be applied after being informed about the risk of serious side effects, risk of death, problems related to convalescence, and the chance of success. If our patient uses this right, he / she is deemed to have accepted that he / she gives consent to the procedures to be performed.

  • Right to Prohibit Providing Information

    The patient applying to our institution may request that his relatives or anyone (except the authorized authorities) should not be informed about his health condition.

  • Right to Select and Change the Institution

    Our patients have the right to choose the health institution and organization in order to benefit from the health service provided in the chosen health institution, provided that they comply with the procedures and conditions stipulated by the legislation they are subject to.

  • Right to Recognize, Select and Change Personnel

    Our patients have the right to learn the identities, duties and titles of physicians and other healthcare professionals who are responsible for their own treatment or provide health services in order to select and change the needed one.

  • Right to Request Determination for Priority Order

    In cases where the demand for healthcare service cannot be met on time due to the intensity or limited facilities of our healthcare institution, the patient has the right to request the priority right to be determined objectively based on medical criteria.

  • Right to Have Medical Care

    It is the right of the patient to receive the medical care required by his situation. Even if it is not possible to save the patient's life or maintain his health, it is imperative to try to reduce or relieve his suffering.

  • Right to have the appropriate Diagnosis, Treatment for Medical necessities

    The patient has the right to request diagnosis, treatment and care in accordance with the requirements of modern medical knowledge and technology.

  • Right to Refuse and Stop the Treatment

    In our institution; The patient has the right to refuse or request to stop the treatment planned or being applied to him / her, except for the legally obligatory cases and with the responsibility of the negative consequences that may arise.

  • Right of Privacy (Confidentiality)

    Our patients have the right to receive all kinds of health services in an environment suitable for privacy during the entire treatment process.

  • Right to be Respected

    Our patients have the right to receive health services in a respectful, affectionate, friendly and hygienic environment, at all times and under all circumstances, by protecting their personal reputation.

  • Right to Fulfill Religious Obligations

    Our patients have the right to freely fulfill their religious obligations, regardless of religious differences and as long as they do not prevent treatment.

  • Right for Security

    Each individual applying to our institution; it has the right to expect and demand to be in safety. In line with this right, the necessary measures are taken by the Private Security Unit of our hospital for the purpose of protecting and ensuring the safety of life and property of patients, their relatives as well as visitors and attendants.

  • Right to Have Companions and Visitors

    Under the regulations and rules of our hospital, and according to the patient’s health situations, patients have the right to have visitors and companion to assist them during the examination and treatment.

  • Right to Express Complaint / Opinion and Suggestion

    Patients and their families have the right to initiate, review, finalize the complaint mechanism in our hospital in case of violation of patient rights, and to be informed of its result.

Responsibility of the Patients
  • Providing information

    To provide complete and accurate information about the health status to the doctors and nurses responsible for medical services.

  • Compliance to the Suggestions

    It is also obliged to comply with the treatment plan recommended by the doctor in charge of his treatment and to accept that the relevant healthcare personnel fulfill the care plan in accordance with the doctor's instructions.

  • Refusing the Planned Treatment

    Patient is responsible for the consequences of refusing the treatment planned by the doctor.

  • Compliance to the Rules of Healthcare Provider

    Patient is responsible for complying with the hospital rules and practices.

  • Responsibility of Respect

    It is responsible for acting in accordance with the measures and rules to be taken by the hospital in case of disturbing situations such as noise and visitors that endanger the patients and their relatives in the hospital.

  • Infection Control

    Patients and their relatives are responsible for being sensitive about all the precautions recommended to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

  • Liability to Pay

    Our patients, who will make their own payments, are responsible for paying the examination and treatment expenses. Our patients and their relatives who deliberately damage their fixtures and consumables have a responsibility to pay for this.

  • Patient’s Visitor

    Our patients have the responsibility to accept as few visitors as possible at the same time, not to bring food, drink, use belongings of other patients, and comply with hospital visit hours.

  • Inappropriate Request

    The patient should not request the administration or applying of any medication that is not included in the treatment plan, and which is not approved by his related doctor.

Last Update: 13/12/2021