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28 January 2021

Ali Özdemir

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery

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  • What is breast augmentation surgery?
  • Breast augmentation surgery is an operation applied to women who complain about the small size of their breasts. The aim of this surgery is to bring the patient's breast to the ideal size.


  • To Whom it is performed?
  • People who have breast augmentation surgery are usually women whose breasts are very small compared to their body. This surgery is successfully applied to women who have lost volume in their breasts because of breastfeeding after birth or whose two breasts are not equal in size. If there is no medical necessity, the surgery should be performed on women older than 18 years. It is imperative to complete the development age for surgery.


  • When is the best time for surgery?
  • Breast augmentation surgery can be performed in all seasons. Autumn, spring and winter are the most ideal seasons as the patient can enter the summer fully recovered.


  • What should be considered before the operation?
  • - If there is a person in your family who has had cancer treatment, inform your doctor.
  • - Inform your physician about current taking treatment.
  • - Mammography  and ultrasonography examinations should be performed on time before the surgery.
  • - Pre-operative blood tests should not be delayed until the last day.
  • - If you are using blood thinners, take a break one week before the operation.
  • - In case of any planning of being pregnant after the surgery, you are requested to inform the doctor.
  • - If you smoke, smoking should be stopped for a while before the surgery.
  • - Patient is requested to stop eating and drinking six hours before surgery. Consume the least amount of water.
  • - Wear buttoned clothes on the day of surgery. Do not use makeup or nail polish.


  • How is the surgery performed?
  • In breast augmentation surgeries, a silicone gel-filled prosthesis (breast implant) is used to perform augmentation. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Silicone prostheses are placed through 4-5 cm incisions made under the breast . The prosthesis is placed under the tissue or breast muscle, not the breast tissue. After the prosthesis is placed, the incision is stitched and bandaged.


  • How long does the surgery take?
  • Breast augmentation operations usually take 1-2 hours.


  • How many types of prostheses are there?
  • For Breast augmentation surgery two types of prosthesis are used: Drop (anatomical) and round breast implants. Round ones are hemispherical, while the lower part of the drops is plump and the upper part is flattened. Round breast prostheses are preferred for decollated purposes. The most preferred round prosthesis makes the breast appear more rounded and the upper part fuller. Drop prosthesis offers a more natural appearance. The type of prosthesis to be attached is determined with the physician according to the patient's body structure, medical history and desire.


  • Is it a painful surgery?
  • Breast augmentation surgery is painless. There is no serious pain after anesthesia. What is felt is the tension felt by the prosthesis in the tissues. Pain that may occur in the following days can be relieved with painkillers.
  • What awaits me after surgery?
  • A special dressing is applied to put pressure on the breast after the operation. A drain can be attached to expel any leaks that may occur in the prosthesis. At first, you may feel numbness or, on the contrary, an extreme sensation. The patient should not eat or drink for six hours after surgery. The patient may need to stay in the hospital overnight, as this is required. Two days later, the first dressing is done and the patient is put on a special bra, and for a week stitches will be.


  • What should be considered after surgery?
  • - Lie on your back for a week after the operation.
  • - You can take a shower two days after the operation.
  • - Wear the special bra that is worn for you day and night for three weeks.
  • - Do not lift heavy things for two months.


  • When can I go back to normal life?
  • You can drive a few days after the operation, start working one week later, and start exercising two months later . After two months, you can also wear the underwear you want. Approximately one month after the operation , you can go to beach and swim.  Firstly your breasts may appear slightly more swollen than normal. It may take six months to a year to take its full shape.


  • Can I breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery?
  • After breast augmentation surgery, breastfeeding can be performed without any problems . Since the breast tissue is not removed during the surgery, there is no change in the structure of the milk ducts.


  • Can I have a mammogram?
  • You can easily have a mammogram after breast augmentation surgery. However, you must inform the technician about the prosthesis before shooting.


  • Is it necessary to change the prostheses over time? 
  • You can use it for a lifetime as long as there is no problem with your breast and prosthesis .


  • Does dentures cause cancer?
  • To date, no scientific evidence has been found that breast implants cause cancer.



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