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28 January 2021

Ali Özdemir

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

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  • What is breast reduction?
  • Large breasts can cause some health problems in women. The most common problems in women with large breasts are back pain, diaper rash under the breast and posture disorders. Breast reduction surgery aims to reduce the breasts of women suffering from these problems to achieve a better appearance and a comfortable life.


  • To Whom it is performed?
  • Breast reduction surgery can be performed on any woman over the age of 18 who has completed her structural development and does not have any dangerous mass in her breast. The surgery can also be applied to men with large breasts.


  • When is the best time for surgery?
  • Breast augmentation surgery can be performed in all seasons. Autumn, spring and winter months are ideal.


  • What should be considered before the operation?
  • - Physician should be informed about the current medical treatment under use.
  • - Mammography and ultrasonography procedures should be done before the performance time of the surgery.
  • - Pre-operative blood tests and examinations should not be delayed until last days of the surgery.
  • - Blood thinners should be prevented one week before the surgery.
  • - Smoking should be prohibited weeks before the surgery.
  • - Patient should be fasten six hours before surgery. the least amount of water can be consumed.
  • - Buttoned clothes should be worn on the day of surgery. Make-up and nail polish should not be applied.


  • How the surgery is performed?
  • The reduction of the breast will be determined proportionally with the patient’s body. Before the operation, measurements and drawings are made on the breast in accordance with the body ratio. For surgery performed under general anesthesia, incisions are made in several different ways, under a careful attention to the shape of the breast and head. When deciding on the shape of the incision, the most suitable option for the patient's breast structure is preferred. By opening the incision, excess breast fat and tissue are removed, the excess skin is removed, and the nose tip is moved to the needed position.


  • How long does the surgery take?
  • Breast reduction surgery takes 2-4 hours. The larger the breasts, the longer the period.
  • Any scars will be formed after the operation?
  • Like every surgery, there is a scar in breast reduction surgery. The shape of the scars depends on the type of incision made. The scar left after the surgery is around the nipple, below the nipple in an inverted T, L or I shape. By the time, the scar becomes unremarkable after the surgery. At the end of a year, there will be almost no scar.


  • Is it a painful surgery?
  • Mild pain occurs in the first few days after surgery. These pains can be controlled with pain relievers. There is no serious pain.


  • What awaits me after the surgery?
  • After the operation, the patient must stay in the hospital for one night. If the breast is too large, a drain may need to be inserted. A special bra is worn after the operation. Controls are made in the first and second week, and stitches are removed after the second control. Slight stinging and burning may be felt in the breast for 6-12 months after the operation.


  • What should be considered after surgery?
  • - Rest for a week.
  • - Medical treatment should be regularly taken.
  • - A shower can be taken two days after the operation.
  • - Straining of the arms or lifting weights should be prevented for at least four weeks.
  • - Heavy sports should not be exercised for two months after the operation.
  • - The special bra should be worn day and nighttime for three weeks.


  • When can I go back to normal life?
  • You can return to normal life after a week of rest after the operation.


  • Does breast reduction surgery affect breastfeeding?
  • Breast reduction surgery can affect breastfeeding. It will be determined according to the technique used for the surgery. By preserving the connection of the nipple and its surroundings with the milk ducts, it is very unlikely that breastfeeding will be affected with the performed operations. Too large breast may also affect breastfeeding after surgery. These possibilities are discussed before the surgery and the patient's expectations are taken into consideration.



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