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20 April 2021

Tufan Özdem

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist

Ergotherapy (Occupational Therapy)

Ergotherapy (Occupational Therapy)

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Ergotherapy, also known as occupational therapy, is the regulation of a person's activities by taking into account the general condition, obstacles and ailments. As Egepol Healthcare Group, we deliver occupational therapy methods to those who need it within the scope of Home Care Services.


  • What is the purpose of Ergotherapy?
  • The aim is to increase the quality of daily life and self-confidence of the patient. Sensory and motor skills, visual perception, balance and coordination increase muscle strength and greatly affect a person's participation in daily life. The basic aim of Ergotherapy is to ensure the independence of the individual. Independent participation in activities for health and well-being, activity performance and gaining a positive active identity to the individual are the main points of the treatment.


  • Which diseases are treated by this therapy?
  • In Ergotherapy, the concerned people are those having impairment of their body structure and functions caused by some health problems, and get excluded from the society, or with restricted participation in the society. Occupational therapy is applied for autism, epilepsy, hyperactivity, attention deficit, paralysis, and other diseases and conditions which require some limitations.
  • How the method of treatment is determined?
  • While determining the therapy method, environment and activity arrangements are made for the needs of the person. In this way, the person also finds the opportunity to improve attention, perception, memory and orientation skills.


  • How is therapy performed?
  • There are many different occupational therapy methods. People with the active condition participate in the occupational therapy process by the company of healthcare professionals who have received the necessary training. In this context, there is an individual-oriented approach rather than addressing the problem in general. The main elements are the individual’s needs and the modifications needed to be done. After the occupational therapy application, a state of well-being is physically and psychologically observed.



Spec. Dr. Tufan ÖZDEM

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation