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10 February 2021

Mesut Tahta

Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist

Hand Surgery and Microsurgery

Hand Surgery and Microsurgery

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  • What is the purpose of hand surgery?
  • The hand is one of the most functional organs in the body and has an indispensable place in human life. Parallel to this, injuries and diseases involving the hand are also very important. Hand injuries and diseases can be evaluated in a wide range. In this context, the need for Hand Surgery, which deals only with hand ailments, has arisen as a specialty. Hand surgeons are physicians who specialize in hand and ailments and have gained advanced experience. The goal of surgical interventions to be performed on the hand is to obtain the most benefit with the least damage possible, where even shaft mimetic movements are important.


  • What are the conditions for hand surgery?
  • The stitching of the severed hand or fingers is performed by the hand surgeon. Other serious problems are encountered at the hands and wrist is also possible. These include nerve compression, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis in the joints (especially in the thumb root joint), three fingers, trigger finger, wrist bone decay (Kienbock’s Disease), wrist or hand fractures (especially scaphoid bone fractures), hand infections and include hand tumors.
  • What are the treatment methods in hand surgery?
  • Each problem has its own treatment approach. The physician determines the most appropriate method. It is very important that the surgical treatment is performed by a specialist and experienced physician in hand and finger ruptures, which is a very complex surgery. The first few hours after the accident are critical in organ ruptures. Transport of the broken piece in a cool environment is of great importance as it reduces the oxygen need of the tissue and slows down its death. Therefore, the broken piece should not be contacted directly with ice, but should be wrapped in a moist cloth. Dressing with a damp towel should be applied to the wound area. In cases with vascular injury, finger loss can be encountered if the most precious few hours are wasted. In addition, nerve cuts may result in permanent loss of sensation in the hand or fingers or inability to move them. Although similar problems may occur as a result of tendon cuts, if the correct treatment is not applied, movement and strength loss may occur in the hand or fingers.



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mesut TAHTA

Orthopedics and Traumatology