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04 February 2021

Mustafa Atak

General Surgery Specialist

Hemorrhoid Treatment With Laser (LHP)

Hemorrhoid Treatment With Laser (LHP)

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  • What is hemorrhoids?
  • Hemorrhoids, also known as hemorrhoids or yeast, is a disease caused by swelling of the veins around the anus. Healthy hemorrhoids create a vein ball and help the anus to close completely. The breech is primarily closed with the inner occlusive muscle. In other words, it becomes sealed. The hemorrhoid pad on the muscle allows gas, mucus and watery stools to be kept in the intestine. It is seen that these pillows grow and die in many people during their lifetime. Although hemorrhoids do not pose a serious problem for health, it is a disease that negatively affects the quality of life and can cause serious pain.


  • Who gets it?
  • Hemorrhoids, a very common condition, is seen in more than half of men and women over the age of 50. Approximately 80 percent of the population has dealt with hemorrhoids at least once in their life.


  • Why do hemorrhoids occur?
  • The most important cause of hemorrhoids involves people with habits of over consumption in carbohydrates, less consumption of fibrous food, less consumption of enough drinking, people with sedentary lifestyle and those who present continuous constipation and straining. Apart from these, diarrhea, prostate enlargement, constipation during pregnancy, straining during birth, familial predisposition is also causing lead to the formation of hemorrhoids.


  • What are the symptoms?
  • Rectal bleeding, swelling around the anus, stiffness, itching, discomfort, pain when straining, and palpable breasts are symptoms of hemorrhoids.


  • How are hemorrhoids treated?
  • The treatment of hemorrhoids, which are divided into internal and external hemorrhoids, is determined according to the stage of the disease. We can list the stages of hemorrhoids as follows:
  • First phase: It is the initial phase. It usually bleeds but does not hang out of the anus. Medication, diet and abundant consumption of water may be enough for the patient.
  • Second stage: It comes out from the anus during urination and defecation. Later the previous position should be taken.
  • Third stage: It comes out of the anus either spontaneously or by straining and returns to its former position manually.
  • The treatment of hemorrhoids in the second and third stages is performed surgically. The excess tissue in the operation is cut and removed. It may cause pain and complications in operations performed by traditional method.
  • Is it treated with ointments?
  • Patients who hesitate to go to the doctor because they are often embarrassed try to treat hemorrhoids with various creams. However, although these creams relieve pain, they do not provide a permanent solution. The complaints may start again after a while. When blood is seen, it must be treated. The goal of medical treatment is to eliminate the symptoms of diseased hemorrhoids as much as possible with minimal interventions.


  • What is the New Laser Hemorrhoid Treatment (LHP)?
  • LHP, which is a bloodless and method; It is an effective, safe, fast and painless method. This method, which is suitable for second and third stage patients and emerged as an alternative to open surgery, is performed under local or general anesthesia. By making a small incision, with the help of a fine laser, the hemorrhoids are shrinked from the inside, without damaging the rectal skin. At the end of this treatment, there is only a very small wound in the area. The process is completed in five minutes. Owing to the accurate and deep effect of the laser, the enlarged hemorrhoids are separated from the blood circulation. Immediately after LHP treatment, bleeding stops, and hemorrhoids begin to shrink.


  • What are the advantages of the LHP method?
  • - Unlike traditional surgery, there is no incision, and no tissue is removed.
  • - An accurate tissue reduction occurs in hemorrhoid nodes.
  • - Liquid retention capability is preserved at the highest level.
  • - Rectal muscle, skin and tissue are preserved in the best possible way.
  • - The patient heals much faster than the traditional surgical method.


  • What awaits me after LHP treatment?
  • Since there is no pain or bleeding after the procedure, the patient can return to his normal life on the same day. It is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of the anus area for a while after the procedure.



Op. Dr. Mustafa ATAK

General Surgery