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28 January 2021

Ali Özdemir

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist



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  • What is liposuction?
  • Liposuction is known in Turkish as “fat removal”. It is defined as the procedure by which the grease accumulated in certain areas held not very deeply of the human body get removed. Liposuction, which enables the removal of fat accumulated in the body, is not a direct slimming method, but it is regional thinning method.


  • To Whom it is performed?
  • Liposuction should be applied to people who have weakened fat in a certain part of their body or who have excessive fat in a certain part of their body rather than people suffering from obesity. Any adult who does not have a serious health problem, who is not pregnant, or breastfeeding can have liposuction.


  • How is liposuction performed?
  • Liposuction under general or local anesthesia is performed in two ways, classical and laser-assisted methods. In the classical method, the surgeon first marks the area where fat will be removed from the body. Then a solution that numbs and hardens the skin is injected into the area where the procedure will be performed. A small incision is made in the skin and a thin tube connected to the vacuum machine is placed here. In order to break down the oil for its easy absorbance, the oils are melted by various methods and the pipe is moved forward and backward. The excess fluid and blood that arise in the meantime is also discharged. After the termination of the process, the incision is bandaged by stitching. In the laser-assisted liposuction method, laser beam is used to dissolve the fat. The rest of the process is done similarly as the classical method.


  • What should be considered before liposuction?
  • + Physician should be informed about the treatment under use.
  • + In case of having cold, or flu, kindly patient should directly inform the physician.
  • + In case of requested blood tests and examinations, patient is required to do not delay them until last days before surgery.
  • + Blood thinners like aspirin should be avoid one week before the surgery.
  • + Smoking and alcohol should be stopped two weeks before the surgery.
  • + Patient should be fastening for six hours before the procedure. And the least amount of water should be consumed.


  • How long does liposuction process take?
  • Liposuction process usually takes an average of 1.5 hours. If the amount of fat to be taken is large, the process may take longer.


  • What awaits me after the procedure?
  • Hospitalization is generally not required after liposuction. The patient is discharged 4-6 hours after the procedure. However, if removed fat was in high amount, and if the procedure was performed under general anesthesia, then patient may be requested to pass an overnight in the hospital in order to monitor and follow-up his health situation. After the procedure, swelling, bruising and pain may occur depending on the type of technique applied and the skin structure. In order to prevent swelling, the patient is put on a corset immediately after the operation. The incisions get closed within a week. Weight will not suddenly decrease after Liposuction. It may take a few months for the area where the process is applied to take its full shape.


  • Is it a painful surgery?
  • Pain may occur for a few days after the operation. However, this pain can be controlled with medication.
  • When is the best time for surgery?
  • It can be done in all seasons. However, it is advantageous to have it in spring, by being well prepared in summer.


  • What should be considered after surgery?
  • - Prescribed medications should be carefully and regularly used.
  • - First bath should be taken one week after surgery.
  • - The worn corset should not be taken off for a month.
  • - Stand up abundantly and act carefully to speed up the recovery period.
  • - Walking can be started two weeks after the surgery.
  • - Heavy objects should not be lifted for the first few weeks.
  • - Heavy sports should be avoided for two months.
  • - Plenty of fluids should be consumed. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed. Salt consumption should be reduced. Fatty foods should be avoided. And a whole grain diet should adapt.


  • When can I go back to normal life?
  • You can return to work a few days after the procedure and return to your normal life a month later.


  • Will be there any scars left after the procedure?
  • The incisions made in the liposuction procedure are very small. The incisions are made under the laundry. Although the scar remains for the first few months, it disappears over time and becomes almost invisible.


  • To which area liposuction is performed?
  • Liposuction can be applied to the abdomen, belly and waist circumference; hip and hip area; neck and jowl under the chin; upper arm back and lower; as well as the chest area with the side of the knees facing each other.


  • Can I eat as much as I want after liposuction?
  • No! Liposuction is not a method of slimming and thinning. For that you need to be very careful with your diet in order to do not replace again the fat taken with the process. Because if weight gain continues, that means there is an accumulation of fat in the area again.


  • Liposuction can be reperformed once again?
  • It is wrong to adopt liposuction as a slimming method and it is definitely not recommended to have it frequently. Because if the procedure is performed several times in the same area, and if the person continues to gain weight, fat accumulation may occur in other areas such as back and arms.



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