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10 February 2021

Mesut Tahta

Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist

Orthopedic Trauma Surgery

Orthopedic Trauma Surgery

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  • What is orthopedic trauma surgery?
  • Injuries caused by the body encountering a high strength resistance during any activity are called trauma. Trauma surgery is the sub-branch of the Orthopedics department that performs the operations of traumas such as muscle and bone injuries, limb rupture.


  • Which traumas does it treat?
  • The treatment of fractures, dislocations, semi-dislocations where the joint surface is partially separated. Injuries and sprains caused by rupture of muscle fibers are within the scope of orthopedic trauma surgery.


  • How do orthopedic traumas occur?
  • Falls, traffic accidents, sports injuries, bending ankle, severe cough and blows are among the most common causes of orthopedic trauma.
  • What are the symptoms?
  • The most common symptoms are swelling, sensitivity at the injury site, and inability to move. Apart from these, bruising, strangely protruding bone, numbness and needle sticking and bleeding also indicate orthopedic trauma. 


  • What are the diagnostic methods?
  • The story of the patient and physical examination constitute the first step of trauma surgery. In emergency situations, it is not always possible to learn the patient's history. Ultrasound, MRI, computed tomography, radiography are imaging techniques that help diagnose.
  • Plastering, physical therapy and rehabilitation and, in more severe cases, surgery is the form of treatment.



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mesut TAHTA

Orthopedics and Traumatology