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28 January 2021

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Stomach Botox

Stomach Botox

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  • What is stomach botox?
  • Stomach Botox is the application of a substance called botulinum toxin (Botox) to the stomach by endoscopic method. Stomach Botox is aimed for the person needs to lose weight.


  • To whom it can be performed?
  • Stomach Botox, which has been used in the treatment of obesity in recent years, is applied to patients with overweight with no ability to lose weight with diet or sports. It is a much more effective method especially for overweight and fat people with a body mass index between 27.5-35.


  • Is it a similar application to Botox used in facial aesthetics?
  • Yes. For stomach Botox, Botox substance is injected at certain points of the stomach for the purpose of emptying it later. In this way, the patient feels satiety for much longer and starts to lose weight by controlling his appetite. 


  • How much weight can be lost with stomach Botox?
  • Owing to stomach Botox, people can lose 10-20 kilograms. The behavior of the patient after the procedure is also very important for the success of the treatment. If the plan given by the nutritionist is adhered after the application, much better results can be obtained from the treatment.


  • How is stomach Botox performed?
  • The procedure performed by the endoscopic method is not an operation. Since the patient will be asleep (sedation) before the procedure, he does not feel any pain or ache. There is a camera at the end of the endoscope. This device is entered to the stomach through the mouth and Botox is injected at the necessary points through the camera.
  • Do I need to stay in the hospital after the procedure?
  • After stomach Botox, patients can continue their daily lives after one hour rest. The patient may rarely feel nausea after the procedure. Three days after the procedure, the patient begins to feel full.


  • Can I eat as I wish after the application?
  • No. After stomach Botox, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition. Especially fast food style diet with excessive fat and carbohydrate content and consumption of acidic beverages should be avoided. When the healthy nutrition program given by the nutritionist is followed as much as possible, maximum benefit can be obtained from the treatment.


  • Is stomach Botox harmful?
  • Botox has been used in the field of medicine for years and since it is applied at the right dosage by the specialist physician, it has no any known harm or side effects.


  • How long is it effective?
  • The effect of stomach Botox can last up to six months. At the end of six months, if necessary, the procedure can be repeated again.



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