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28 January 2021

Ali Özdemir

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty)

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  • What is tummy tuck surgery?
  • Tummy tuck surgery is a surgical operation in which fat tissue and excess skin are removed from the middle and lower abdomen. In the operation, the patient is ensured to have a flat stomach by tightening and tightening the wall muscles. Tummy tuck surgery is not a weight loss surgery.


  • To whom it is performed?
  • Tummy tuck surgery can be performed on both men and women. It is especially preferred by women who have looseness and sagging in the abdominal area after pregnancy or as a result of rapid weight gain and loss.


  • How is tummy tuck surgery performed?
  • Tummy tuck surgery is performed in two ways: mini and full tummy tuck. The type of surgery is decided according to the amount of excess skin and fat in the patient's abdomen and waist area.


  • What is mini tummy tuck surgery? And to whom is performed?
  • Mini tummy tuck surgery is performed on patients who have excess and sagging under the naval. In this surgery, a small incision is made on the lower abdomen. Then the skin is separated from the muscles. The abdominal muscles are strengthened and repaired by stretching. Then the leather is stretched and sewn into place. Excess skin is cut and removed. Thin tubes called drains are placed under the skin to expel the fluid that will accumulate in the operation area.


  • What is a full tummy tuck surgery? And to whom is performed?
  • Full tummy tuck surgery is applied to people who lose excess weight, to those have had multiple pregnancy, and to those who have fat and sagging on the belly button and waist area. For these patients, the anterior abdominal wall was relaxed. Before full Tummy tuck surgery, liposuction is performed on the patient's abdomen and waist area. Thus, the abdomen and waist area are shaped more easily during the surgery. The rest of the operation is the same as mini tummy tuck surgery.


  • What should be considered before the operation?
  • + Physician should be informed about the treatment under use.
  • + In case of having cold, or flu, kindly patient should directly inform the physician.
  • + In case of requested blood tests and examinations, patient is required to do not delay them until last days before surgery.
  • + Blood thinners like aspirin should be avoid one week before the surgery.
  • + Smoking and alcohol should be stopped two weeks before the surgery.
  • + Patient should be fasten for six hours before the procedure. And the least amount of water should be consumed.


  • How long does tummy tuck surgery take?
  • The mini tummy tuck surgery can be completed in 1-2 hours, whereas the duration of the full tummy tuck surgery can take up to five hours.
  • What awaits me after the operation?
  • A corset is put on the patient immediately after the operation. After the operation, it is usually sufficient for the patient to stay in the hospital for one night. However, the patient can stay in the hospital for a few days depending on the situation. Drains are removed during the discharge. The corset should be worn for three weeks after surgery. Tension will be relieved by walking in forward leaning position for a week after the operation, and it will relax the patient. It is normal to have edema and bruises in the operation area. People who have had a full tummy tuck surgery may have more bruises due to liposuction. Sutures on the skin surface are removed after a week.


  • Is it a painful surgery?
  • Some pain occurs after the operation. Pain continues for several days. Painkillers and antibiotics given by the physician will help the pain to release in a short time.


  • When is the best time for surgery?
  • The best time for tummy tuck surgery is autumn and winter.


  • What should be considered after surgery?
  • - Rest at home for the first week. You can return to work after a week.
  • - Be careful not to walk upright for a week after the operation.
  • - Take careful short walks to recover faster. 
  • - Take your first bath one week after surgery.
  • - Clean the area around the surgery by opening the corset for a week when you are not taking a bath.
  • - Wear the corset for a month without removing it.
  • - Avoid sudden movements and lifting heavy objects.
  • - Use the prescribed medication regularly.
  • - Avoid heavy sports for two months after surgery.
  • - Eat accordingly, and carefully to avoid constipation for few weeks.
  • - Avoid wearing tight and tight pants for a while.


  • When can I go back to normal life?
  • You can return to work 1-2 weeks after the operation and return to normal life approximately two months later. The stronger your abdominal muscles, the faster your recovery will be.


  • Will be there any left scars after the operation?
  • A scar remains after abdominoplasty. However, this trace will not be visible as it will remain under your clothes. A few months after surgery scar, will remain red in a short time. And by the time, this redness will be reduced one year later.


  • Can I get pregnant after abdominoplasty?
  • Tummy tuck surgery does not cause any problems during pregnancy. However, it is ideal to perform the surgery when pregnancy is no longer considered. Abdominal stretching can be performed at least six months after birth.



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