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Within the context of Pregnancy School which can be registered by any expectant mother with pregnancy of 32 weeks and over;

  • What is delivery?
  • Pain perception during delivery
  • Fear effect on delivery 
  • Muscles and neural systems that is used while giving birth
  • Findings of starting delivery
  • Delivery stages
  • Effective  Hormones while delivery
  • Delivery with epidural administration
  • Straining and pushing techniques
  • Active birth positions
  • Perineum massage
  • Education subjects regarding breast feeding and infant care are conveyed to participants in five different sections for five days.


Please click the following link to sign up for the session between the dates of 15-19 November 2021, by filling out the form. 

Details regarding time of the sessions and more will be provided following registration.

Last Update: 31/01/2022