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GON Blockage (Occipital Nerve Blockage)

Migraine attacks cause severe enough pain in 90% of patients to cause impaired daily life activities.  With medical treatment, the frequency and severity of attacks may decrease in the majority of patients. However, in some patients, non-drug treatment methods have been developed due to the inability of drugs to achieve full recovery and/or severe side effects.   One of the methods applied for this purpose is GON blockage (Peripheral nerve blockage) and is used in treatment-resistant chronic migraine patients.


GON blocking in Migraine:

  • Resistant cases that failed despite 2 different preventive treatments
  • In fast-paced efficacy or transition treatments
  • Pregnant women after 15 weeks
  • The drug can be administered when preventive treatment cannot be used due to side effects or other accompanying diseases.


GON blocking out of migraines:

  • Occipital neuralgia,
  • Cervical headache,
  • Chronic daily headaches,
  • Drug overuse headache,
  • Omber puncture is also successfully applied in headache.


GON blocking; it is the blocking of sensory nerve fibers with low concentration local anesthetics. Although there are different methods, which can be applied once a week for 3-4 weeks accordingly to the necessity.

With this method, there is a significant reduction in the consumption of painkillers, frequency of attacks and attack times in the majority of patients.

Last Update: 14/01/2022