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To provide complete and accurate information about the health status to the doctors and nurses responsible for medical services.

Every individual applying to our hospital has the right to benefit (benefit) from all services aimed to promote healthy life, within the framework of the principles of Justice and Equity in accordance with the needs of Health Services and regardless of Language, Religion, Race or Sect.

In the Official Gazette dated 01.08.1998 and numbered 23420; As stated in the Patient Rights Regulation; it has been prepared to organize the principles and procedures to demonstrate concretely the "patient rights", which are the reflection of fundamental human rights in the field of healthcare services, and to ensure that everyone can benefit from "patient rights" in all institutions and organizations where healthcare services are provided, and to be protected from violations of rights and, when necessary, use legal means of protection.

at every stage of service that the right to live in a state of physical, spiritual, psychological and social well-being is the most fundamental human right.

It is also obliged to comply with the treatment plan recommended by the doctor in charge of his treatment and to accept that the relevant healthcare personnel fulfill the care plan in accordance with the doctor's instructions.

Patients applying to our institution; has the right to request information about how to benefit from health services and to request all kinds of information about the health status, orally or in writing.

to protect and develop their material and spiritual existence, and that no authority or no one has the authority to abolish this right, the patient is treated humanely.

Patient is responsible for the consequences of refusing the treatment planned by the doctor.

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