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The patient himself or his/her legal representative has the right to receive all information regarding medical interventions recommended by physicians,  potential risks or benefits of these interventions, alternative treatment methods and the process that will develop in the event of not receiving the treatment in a language and method which can be easily comprehended.

the patients' race, language, religion and sect, gender, political opinion, philosophical belief, economic and social status and other differences cannot be taken into consideration. Health services are planned and organized in a way that everyone can easily access.

Patient is responsible for complying with the hospital rules and practices.

Patients applied to our Hospital themselves or their legal representatives have the right to get informed about all their health situations, the proposed medical treatments or interventions, along with their potential risks or benefits for each intervention. They have also the right to be informed about the expected consequences resulted from the untreated situations, in an easy method and language to be clearly understood.  

Apart from medical and legal obligations, our patients have the right to decide on the treatment to be applied after being informed about the risk of serious side effects, risk of death, problems related to convalescence, and the chance of success. If our patient uses this right, he / she is deemed to have accepted that he / she gives consent to the procedures to be performed.

other personal rights of the patient cannot be touched without his consent, except for medical obligations and the cases highlighted in the laws.

It is responsible for acting in accordance with the measures and rules to be taken by the hospital in case of disturbing situations such as noise and visitors that endanger the patients and their relatives in the hospital.

The patient applying to our institution may request that his relatives or anyone (except the authorized authorities) should not be informed about his health condition.

to medical research without his consent and the permission of the Ministry.

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