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In the Official Gazette dated 01.08.1998 and numbered 23420; As stated in the Patient Rights Regulation; it has been prepared to organize the principles and procedures to demonstrate concretely the "patient rights", which are the reflection of fundamental human rights in the field of healthcare services, and to ensure that everyone can benefit from "patient rights" in all institutions and organizations where healthcare services are provided, and to be protected from violations of rights and, when necessary, use legal means of protection.

at every stage of service that the right to live in a state of physical, spiritual, psychological and social well-being is the most fundamental human right.

to protect and develop their material and spiritual existence, and that no authority or no one has the authority to abolish this right, the patient is treated humanely.

the patients' race, language, religion and sect, gender, political opinion, philosophical belief, economic and social status and other differences cannot be taken into consideration. Health services are planned and organized in a way that everyone can easily access.

other personal rights of the patient cannot be touched without his consent, except for medical obligations and the cases highlighted in the laws.

to medical research without his consent and the permission of the Ministry.

and family life cannot be touched, except for the cases permitted by law and medical requirements.

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