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To provide complete and accurate information about the health status to the doctors and nurses responsible for medical services.

It is also obliged to comply with the treatment plan recommended by the doctor in charge of his treatment and to accept that the relevant healthcare personnel fulfill the care plan in accordance with the doctor's instructions.

Patient is responsible for the consequences of refusing the treatment planned by the doctor.

Patient is responsible for complying with the hospital rules and practices.

It is responsible for acting in accordance with the measures and rules to be taken by the hospital in case of disturbing situations such as noise and visitors that endanger the patients and their relatives in the hospital.

Patients and their relatives are responsible for being sensitive about all the precautions recommended to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Our patients, who will make their own payments, are responsible for paying the examination and treatment expenses. Our patients and their relatives who deliberately damage their fixtures and consumables have a responsibility to pay for this.

Our patients have the responsibility to accept as few visitors as possible at the same time, not to bring food, drink, use belongings of other patients, and comply with hospital visit hours.

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