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Our Policies
  • Our Companion Policy

    Whether our patients need a companion is determined by the responsible physician. The physician may prohibit the presence of a companion when necessary, in order not to risk the patient's health. In such a case, please respect the decision for the health of your relative.

    Our companions are expected to comply with the Rules of Hospital. Training on the rules is provided by the ward nurses during hospitalization. Please pay attention to follow the stated rules.

    Companions should assist in patient care according to the permitted measurements. Besides the authorized practices given by the physician and nurses, any other interventions done by the companion may lead to risky situations for the patient. Therefore, any practice that may harm the patient without the knowledge of the physician and nurse should be avoided.

    While companion exchange or in case of any problems related to the patient, you are carefully requested to inform the ward nurse and for your safety, you are highly requested to do not seek for a help from any person out of the hospital staff. You are allowed to request for any type of help from al the hospital personnel.

    During your stay at the hospital, you are requested to bring your ID card along with you.

    In terms of the health of our patients and their relatives, make sure that the number of attendants should not be more than one person.

    * There is no attendant practice in our Intensive Care Units.

  • Our Quality Policy

    Quality Policy of our organizaiton that provides healthcare services in the light of it’s slogan which is stated as “Your Health is the Source of Pride for Us!” is to become a door of healing to every single member of the society as a receptary medical institution without compromising principles of medical ethics and principles in order to contribute forming a healthy society with the sincerest humanitarian feelings deep down from our hearth.

  • Visiting and Companion Policy in Pandemic/Endemic Period

    During the pandemic and endemic period, patient visits are restricted for the safety of our intensive care patients and patient information is provided via telephone. Video interview possibilities are provided to relatives in order to see their patients. In this context, please make sure that your phone is not busy during the hours stated in the informative brochure.

    We kindly request our inpatients hospitalized during pandemic and endemic periods to pay attention not to change their attendants for at least 72 hours, and that only first-degree relatives can come for visit.

  • Visiting Policy

    Visits are carried out only between 10:00 and 22:00. Please make sure to spend your visits between these hours.

    Take care to keep your visit time shorter as possible in order to not tire your relatives who need to rest.

    In case of having some health risks such as fever, cough, and sneezing, you are kindly requested to postpone your visit for the safety of your relative.

    By the name of respecting the privacy policies, being in the patient room is not allowed during meal time, doctor visiting time or during any medical procedure.

    We request that you do not have close contact with your patient, do not sit on his bed or speak loudly.

    Please take care not to bring children with you, as hospital visits are not suitable for children under the age of 12. Visits of siblings and friends of our pediatric patients are allowed with the approval of the physician and in the company of parents. For the health of your patient, be careful not to keep your visit longer than 10 minutes.

    In terms of patient health, we kindly ask you to pay attention that there are no more than three visitors in the room at the same time.

    In order not to risk the health of your patient, live flowers are not accepted in the room. The flowers you bring to our patients are kept by our security unit and delivered to our patients at the time of discharge.

  • Visitor Policy of Intensive Care Units

    Due to patient rights and privacy, visitors are not accepted except for the first-degree relatives of our patients who are treated in our intensive care units. If you are not a first-degree relative of the patient, please do not request a visit.

    Please comply with the visiting hours specified in the information leaflets given to the relatives of the patients.

    If the physician has prohibited the visits in terms of the health of our patient, we request you to follow this rule.

    Patient information is provided in the Intensive Care Information Room on the day and at the time specified in the intensive care information brochures. We kindly ask you to comply with the specified day and time information.

    Only mothers are allowed to visit our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. You can also watch your baby everyday between 19:00 and 19:30 through the cameras on the unit. In order to follow your baby between this time, we kindly request you to check your IP Port Number, Username, and Password given to you along with the information brochure.

    * All the accompanying and visit information specified are determined for routine operation. Special rules are applied during the pandemic and endemic period.

Things To Pay Attention To For Your Safety
  • Hand washing and protection from infections

    Infection control is the most sensitive issue in a hospital. Because the situation that may arise as a result of careless treatment can make in danger the health of all our patients. For this reason, we kindly request you to pay attention on the following recommendations during your admission to our hospital.

    Washing hand properly is the most important factor in the prevention of infections. Therefore, make sure to wash your hands frequently and properly. If you encounter a faulty application from one of our healthcare personnel who are obliged to provide hand washing before any application, kindly do not hesitate to give a warning. You can use hand washing units in all care areas and patient’s rooms of our hospital for cleaning your hands.

    Kindly wash your hands with water and soap for 20 seconds;

    Before and after meals,      

    Before and after using the toilet,      

    Before and after touching the dressing area,      

    Before and after giving personal care to your patient / yourself,      

    After entering and leaving each patient room,    

    At the moment you touched the dirty items.

    Inform your doctor and nurse if there is any redness, pain, discharge and bleeding in your dressing area. Take care to keep this area clean and dry.

    Our healthcare team is the responsible of the wound site care. For its care, please seek a help from any of our healthcare professionals.

    Make sure your visitors do not have any contagious infections like flu. In case of doubt, we ask you to not accept your visitors for the sake of our patients' health.

    Our biggest goal is to discharge our patients without any infection. However, in case of infection, you will need to follow the isolation measures that will be recommended to you. Isolation recommendations may vary depending on the type of infection, and a visit and accompanying part can be brought. We kindly request you to pay attention to the recommendations of your physicians and nurses in order to take this process on the possible healthiest way.

  • Our patient safety measures

    During your service at our hospital, we kindly request you to consider the following warnings in line with Patient Safety Principles:

    During your admission to the service, your risk of falling will be evaluated by your nurse and you will be informed.

    If your risk of falling is high, do not stand up alone in line with the warnings of your doctor and nurse, definitely seek help from our healthcare professionals.

    During your admission to the service, our nurse will inform you about the use of the call button at the bedside. In case of emergency, do not hesitate to ask for help via the call button.

    You can ask your nurse to help you to bring your bed into a suitable position. You can also get information from your nurse about how to use the remote that adjusts the bed position.

    When you want to take a bath, ask for help by informing your nurse.

    We recommend that you wear slippers or shoes with bottom rubber non-slip soles to avoid the risk of falling.

    Please walk carefully in areas seen to be wet and with floor warning.

    If you are allowed to walk unaided, make sure there is sufficient light in the walking area.

  • Your participation in the maintenance and treatment process

    Notifying to the physicians and nurses about the medicines under use during the hospitalization procedures, delivering them, and indicating the method of use will make the treatment more comfortable. 

    Taking correctly their medication is the most important part of the treatment for our patients. For this purpose, make sure that the patient’s wristband is controlled while administering medications from the responsible nurse.

    It is vital that you inform your physician and nurse about any known drug or food allergies before starting the treatment.  

    It is important that you get detailed information from your physician about the operation and / or treatment to be applied to you / your relative.

    Make sure you having all the information about your treatment, do not hesitate to ask questions to your doctor and nurse.

    Do not forget that your physician will include you and your relative in all decisions to be taken during diagnosis, treatment, care and discharge procedures.

    Do not hesitate to inform your physicians and nurses about all the health-related problems you have experienced during the admission in our hospital.

Last Update: 09/04/2021